food box fun.

Over the last few weeks, I have used two food box delivery services. I was out of cooking motivation, and I want to see what’s out there. Quite honestly.

The food’s delicious, it arrives timeously, super fresh, and all pre-measured and packaged. Perfect for the lazy cook, the rushed weeknight cook, or if you need some inspiration, because your family is growing tired of your repertoire.

I have tried Daily Dish before, but tried them again. 4 meals, for two people per week. Choose between classic, low-carb, pork free, budget or vegetarian. I prefer the classic box.

The new kid on the block is uCook. They have¬†low carb, rustic and vegetarian menus. And cater for single people too. So if you’re cooking for one – this is ideal.

But what about the food?

Both companies provide super fresh ingredients. And both provide a guideline on what to cook first. Both companies have impressive branding on all their packaging, and both arrive in a box that keeps your food cold during the day.

The food is easy to make (you just need a few pantry staples, and basic knife skills), easy to prepare, and so yum. Tasty, I’d like to think healthy, and brings variety to your meals.

Will I buy it again?

Definitely. Which one, however, is the hard part. It probably depends what’s on the menu for the week… and whether I want 3 or 4 meals. I won’t do this every week though – maybe once every 2 – 3 months. Mostly because I like experimenting in the kitchen too much…

The price?

The price, to me, is great. Works out cheaper than a single grocery shop, and there’s little or no wastage. So that’s the big bonus for me. Nothing sitting in the fridge, growing opposable thumbs or eyes…

Average pricing is as follows:

R780 for two people, for four meals (Classic box) at Daily Dish
R516 for two people, for three meals (Rustic menu) at uCook

So, when you have a busy week coming up, this is definitely the way to go! Love the concept, and the convenience of it all. Kudos to the people bringing us this service.

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